Chapter 45 
(November 2013):


Diarmuid and I were asked to represent our breed at the “Mein Tier”  (My Pet) Fair in Oldenburg yesterday. Of course we were flattered and agreed to go. We forgot that it would mean 2 weeks of combing, trimming, bathing, combing but Mummy didn’t forget.

Friday night Mummy packed the car with canvas chairs, the grooming table, my canvas crate, our new grooming bag from Montgomery, just-in-case towels, a blanket, water bottle and a trolley, leaving just enough room on the back seat for our 12-year-old babysitter Yasmin. Our double crate takes up the whole back end of  Diarmuid’s station wagon. Saturday morning Camero did his maniac act to get into his crate and off we drove.


There was a free space at our Klub für Terrier stand, run by Sebastian Schmidt-Kort from the Osnabrück chapter, so we moved in and set up camp with Mummy’s girlfriend Enne and her Irish Terriers. Sebastian was very pleased to see that we represented the two types of coat: Irish (me) and American (Diarmuid).

People came by the stand, asked questions about us and the breed, said how pretty we were (We OUGHT to be after two weeks of grooming!!!!)  and some took a flyer and/or one of our calling cards. One couple interviewed Mummy and Daddy in detail for at least ½ hour and Diarmuid charmed them by sitting in the man’s lap. I let people pat me but I didn’t make up to them like Lover Boy. This couple came back a few hours later and said, “We can’t drag ourselves away from your dogs.”


They are convinced that their next dog will be a Wheaten, when their elder Ridgeback passes on. Diarmuid and I sold them on the SCWT.

Twice we went into the ring with the other Klub für Terrier breeds and Sebastian did a very impressive moderation of the 15 terrier breeds present, their history and characteristics. Sometimes Mummy had both of us but she also let Yasmin have Diarmuid or me part of the time.

We behaved for Yasmin because she’s good to us and takes us for walks when Mummy and  Daddy are gone too long.

Sebastian pointed out how fit I am for my 14 years (minus one week). Mummy only had to speak into the mike to say that she has been doing Agility and Rally Obedience with us for 10 years, when he asked about our sports activities. 

Three of our Agility/Rally friends from other clubs stopped by with friend/ daughter/ husband . We had good chats and were proud to be on the exhibitor side. After the afternoon ring presentation, I needed a nap on my blanket and Diarmuid had lost most of his oomph, too. Daddy went to the car to get out of the noise. We stuck it out until 5:30, when Mummy was the only one who wasn’t running on the reserve battery and there were few visitors left in the hall. When we got home, Diarmuid and I both went to our crates, where Yasmin gave us chew bones she had bought us with her pocket money when we weren’t looking. After that we slept all evening and all night.  ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ



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